10 Best Sub-ohm Vape Mods 【Expert’s Choice】

Best Sub-ohm Vape Mods

Sub-ohm vape mods are a trending choice in vaping community as they deliver massive clouds and are great for vape tricks. But, it’s only recommended for expert vapers. If you’re a beginner and just started your vaping journey, you should use starter kits instead. Since different vapes are available, people often get confused about them. … Read more

Vape Pen Vs Mods: Which One is Best For You? (Full Guide)

Vape Pen Vs Vape Mod

We know how vaping has taken the world by storm and revolutionized the recreational tobacco industry. In a few decades, tobacco consumption has been replaced by e-liquid heating. Moreover, since vaporizers are considered safer than conventional cigarettes, their popularity has seen a huge uptick. For smokers looking to quit smoking, pod mods and cig-a-likes vapes … Read more

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod【Unbiased Review】

Dovpo Odin DNA250 Review

If you’re experienced in vaping, you probably need a powerful vape mod for extreme performance. Dovpo Odin DNA250C is a popular box mod among vaping community. It comes with many customizable features and costs around $160 to $170 at all popular vape stores. But is it actually worth it? We’ll look at all the features … Read more

How To Clean Your Vape Atomizer? 【5 Easy Methods】

Vape Cleaning

Keeping your vape atomizer clean is not only hygienically beneficial but also helps increase the vape’s flavor, smoke, and overall lifespan. With continuous usage, dirt particles, gunk, and other useless material can gather on the air vents resulting in blockage of airflow. If your atomizer is blocked, then it won’t be able to heat up … Read more

8 Easy Methods To Fix Vape Gurgling Sound

Vape Spitting

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, but many people are new to the experience and may not know how to fix common issues like vape gurgling. This guide will explain what causes vape gurgling and how to fix it. Why is my Vape Gurgling? How To Fix There are a few common reasons … Read more