10 Best 200W Box Mods【Expert’s Choice】

Expert vapers prefer high-wattage (200W to 450W) vape mods for an intense flavor vaping experience.

If you’re a beginner or hold little experience in vaping, 200W box mods are a great choice.

200W vape mods are better because you can adjust the flavor, power, and other settings easily in them.

If you are someone who likes making big clouds from vape mods, then you must prefer using the best 200W box mods.

There are many 100-200W box mod kits available out there on the internet and that is why people get confused among them.

Before buying any vape box mod, you must check its chipset that controls the heat and other vaping actions and ensure that it’s best suitable for your need.

We have done in-depth research and curated a list of top-rated 200-watt box mods that have a powerful processor and sub-ohm coils to create massive clouds.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a sub-ohm box mod, or one with high battery power, you can buy any of these 200W vape mod kits without thinking twice.

10 Best 200W Box Mods Reviews

Product NameFeaturesPrice
LostVape LVE ParanormalDNA250C Chipset, 1 to 200W Power OutputCheck Latest Price
LostVape CENTAURUSDNA250C Chipset, 1 to 200W Power Output RangeCheck Latest Price
Think Vape AUXO DNA250CDNA250C Chipset, 0.08Ω to 3.0Ω Resistance RangeCheck Latest Price
SX Mini G Class 2005 to 200W Power Output, 0.05Ω to 3.0Ω Resistance RangeCheck Latest Price
VAPORESSO TARGET 2005 to 220W Power Output, Dual 18650 BatteriesCheck Latest Price
Aspire RHEA 2001 to 200W Power Output, 0.1Ω to 3.5Ω Resistance RangeCheck Latest Price
Innokin Proton Box Mod6 to 235W Power Output, Dual 18650 BatteriesCheck Latest Price
Geek Vape AEGIS LEGEND 25 to 200W Power Output, 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω Resistance RangeCheck Latest Price
Uwell Crown 45 to 200W Power Output, 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω Resistance RangeCheck Latest Price
Asvape ARYA 2005 to 200W Power Output, 0.06Ω to 3.0Ω Resistance RangeCheck Latest Price

These are the best box mods that deliver a great vaping experience with a powerful processor and power output:

1. Lost Vape LVE Paranormal Box Mod

LostVape LVE Paranormal Box Mod

Lost Vape LVE Paranormal Box Mod is the most popular choice in vaping community.

This vape mod is powered by Evolv’s DNA250C chipset that delivers excellent efficiency and controls the power output smartly.

You can do unlimited configurations and customizations in this vape mod using the Escribe App.

Also, its power output is about 95% more efficient than other mods mentioned on this page.

You will get 2 modes in it: Replay and Boost mode and both of them serve different purposes.

While one can be used to get more flavor by controlling the temperature of coils, another one is used to get more smoke from the vape box mod.

It comes with huge dual 18650 batteries so you can also use this vape mod as a power bank to charge your devices using a USB cable.

The entire mod has got SS, Ti, or Ni wires fitted, which allows you to set desired coil temperature in just a few taps.

You can set the temperature between 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and get the best output as desired.

The DNA250C vape box mod kit supports 2A fast-charging facility that allows you to charge your mod quickly.

The box mod has got a very classy design so it will definitely look good in your hands and you can carry it anywhere as a power bank.

It is available in 3 different colors and considering its price, this vape box mod kit is definitely worth buying in 2022 and you must try it at least once.


  • Manual temperature control settings.
  • Can be used as a power bank.
  • 5 types of protection features.
  • Allows you to control your flavor and smoke density.
  • Big OLED screen to review the vape configuration.


  • The batteries need to be purchased separately.

2. Lost Vape CENTAURUS 200W Box Mod


The Centaurus 250W model is another popular model by Lost Vape. This mod is also powered by a DNA250C chipset that provides tons of customizations and smart controls.

It has a power output capacity of 1-200W and can use numerous unique settings to make vaping extra comfortable.

This vape box mod kit is a Limited Edition product and each one of them comes with a unique serial code.

The entire Mod is made with excellent components and solid stainless steel that gives it good durability.

If you want, then you can also set the resistance range between 0.1-3.0 ohms in just a few taps.

This makes it compatible with other rebuildable or sub-ohm tanks available out there

Its dual high amp 18650 batteries deliver extreme performance to vape for vaping tricks.

There are 5 different types of modes available in it: VW Mode, TC Mode, TCR Mode, Curve Mode, and Replay Mode.

A 0.91-inch TFT screen is also available on the front side, that allows you to review the mod settings and apply configurations easily to your vape mod.

There are 6 different types of protection features like automatic temperature control, short circuit protection, atomizer protection, etc. available in it.

Considering its price, this mod offers more than other products in a similar price range.


  • Powerful and advanced DNA 250C chipset.
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • Configure wattage output and resistance level.
  • A small TFT screen to review settings.
  • Available in 7 different colors.


  • Only a Micro-USB cable is supported in the power bank mode.

3. Think Vape AUXO DNA250C Box Mod

Think Vape AUXO DNA250C

If you’re looking for a DNA250C chipset mod with a compact and lightweight design that delivers extreme performance, Think Vape AUXO is the right choice.

This new vape box mod is made of lightweight aluminum and leather, so it looks good in the hands.

The entire box mod is equipped with two 18650 batteries and has a maximum output of 200W.

It has a new Evolv DNA 250C chipset that supports different types of modes like VW/VV/TC/TCR/Bypass with functions like Preheat, Boost, Temperature Protection, and Replay.

On the front side, you get a 0.96″ TFT color screen that displays vape data and the existing box mod settings.

With a USB on-the-go converter, users can also use this vape mod as a power bank.

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional vape artist or one with just basic knowledge of it, battery replacement is very easy.

Though it weighs around 190g which can be a downside for many people who are looking for a lightweight vape mod box kit.

If you are looking for a 200W box mod kit that has got high-performance and looks good visually too, then you should definitely consider buying this vape.

If you have other mods with similar features and coil support, then you can replace its liquid tank with those to get more storage on your vape mod.


  • Runs on a powerful and efficient DNA 250C chipset.
  • Control wattage power from 1W to 200W.
  • Works as a power bank too with a micro USB cable.
  • Made with high-quality leather and stainless steel.
  • Available in 5 different color variations.


  • Price is pretty high as compared to other similar products.

4. SX Mini G Class 200W Box Mod

SX Mini G Class Mod

SX Mini G Class 200W box mod is among the smallest high wattage box mods you can buy in 2022.

There are many new features added to this box mod, so it is definitely a recommended product for all beginners, intermediate, and professional vape users.

This box mod is powered by SX550J Chipset which is the latest-released chipset for vape box mods from SXPure Technology.

There’s a very beautiful OLED screen available on the front side which can be used to see the current box mod’s power output, mode, resistance, total puff count, and many other things.

One unique feature that can’t be found in any other 200 watts box mod is the “Joystick Controlled Screen”.

You get a small joystick-like button that can be used to use the navigation on the screen.

There’s a G Class color option available in it that helps you in customizing your device to get a whole new look every time you use it.

It supports two 18650 batteries but you need to buy them separately as it is not sold out of the box.

While you can modify the output wattage easily up to 200W it also allows you to add extra 31mm tanks and RDAs to the box mod.

The device can be controlled using a Bluetooth app from the mobile device.


  • Customizable output wattage: 5W to 200W.
  • Use either on 1 battery or dual.
  • High-power 40A power input for rapid charging.
  • Supports Bluetooth app for both iOS and Android.
  • More than 20 different screen designs.
  • Latest and upgraded YiHi SX550J chipset.


  • Batteries are sold separately.
  • The coil-type is not detected automatically.



Vaporesso is yet another popular brand in vaping community and the Target 200 model is the best choice for 200-watt power delivery.

It is powered by an AXON chipset which is proven to provide the best performance to the vape with less power consumption.

The company has paid a lot of attention to its design, so you get an aluminum body with zinc-alloy material and protection for small drops.

If you want then you can replace its atomizer with any other atomizer available out there.

This 200 watts box mod provides the best smoke density and flavor to the user because it runs on the GTi coil series.

A 0.96-inch TFT color screen is available to review the mod configuration and to see other details of the mod.

You can easily switch between modes by using the Two Adjustment Buttons available on the side.

With more than 9 protection settings, the user and the box mod stay safe from any type of danger.

The 0.2-ohm coil can be used with a power wattage between 60-75W and the 0.4-ohm coil can be used with 50-60W power output.

The 8ml e-juice tank allows you to get enough of the liquid to keep it going for days without refilling.

A triple-slotted airflow control ring is available on the bottom for smooth air inflow and outflow.


  • 2 types of coils with different power settings.
  • Big 8mL storage tank.
  • Top-fill system for easy refilling.
  • Latest Vaporesso GTi Coil.
  • Available in 5 color variations.


  • Does not come with batteries out of the box.

6. Aspire RHEA 200W Box Mod

Aspire RHEA 200W Box Mod

Aspire Rhea Vape Mod has got the latest and most advanced 200 Watt vape tank which can’t be found in any other product mentioned on this page.

Even though it can deliver 200W output power, the mod looks very slim and easy to carry.

It is actually an authentic sub-ohm vape mod that you can buy right now. This vape mod has got both MTL and DTL vaping features and you can switch between them with just a single click.

Although it runs on two 18650 batteries just like other vape mods, you won’t get them in the package.

The Aspire’s self-developed chipset powers this mod and provides different types of modes and temperature control features.

If you want, then you can customize the screen’s interface accordingly to get desired information displayed on it.

Another good thing about this 200 watts vape mod is that it supports almost every rebuildable atomizer and storage tank, so you can replace them easily.

The leather and zinc alloy build makes the mod shockproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting broken when dropped.

It supports charging with a Type-C USB cable with 2A input for quick charging.

Although it has got every type of safety protection feature, it is not beneficial or recommended for professional vape users.


  • Adjustable temperature between 200-600℉ or 100-315℃.
  • Built with both leather and metal for durability.
  • The screen’s interface can be customized accordingly.
  • 6 types of modes and safety protection features.
  • Compatible with any 510 tanks available out there.
  • Very well priced considering its features.


  • The package does not come with a single battery.

7. Innokin Proton Box Vape Mod

Innokin Proton Box Vape Mod

While Innokin is popular for small vape mods, the Innokin Proton Box Vape Mod is an exception.

This mod box comes with dual-18650 battery support that is capable of providing 235W output power wattage to the device.

Not only it is good with power output, but it comes with an intelligent chipset and a big Scion 2 sub-ohm tank with a capacity of 5mL liquid.

This is the only 200 watts mod box on this page that comes with a 1.45-inch full-color screen along with a joystick control button to adjust the settings.

You can adjust the temperature between 300 to 600° F with a minimum resistance level of 0.05-ohms.

You can also pair this device with other Sub-Ohm Tanks and RDAs with similar capacities.

The mod box is designed to provide a handful grip to the user, to enhance the vaping experience.

The stainless steel 510 connection gives faster boot time and you can get started with it in just a few seconds after clicking the “Fire Button”.

It is available in different variations, so it is suitable for every beginner to professional vape user.

In other vape 200-watt price, you are getting a vape mod with 235 watts of power, what else one can ask for?


  • Very big colorful display screen.
  • Can be used with different tank capacities.
  • The design and color combinations are amazing.
  • Can adjust the power output from 6W to 235W.
  • Equipped with various security features.


  • Does not come with batteries.
  • Only 3 color options are available.

8. Geek Vape AEGIS LEGEND 2

GeekVape L200

Geekvape L200 is a perfect vape mod starter kit for users who are looking for 200W box mods.

While the vape comes with a sub-ohm tank it provides a 5.5ml liquid capacity.

The best thing about this vape mod is that it comes with a LOCK function that protects it from starting accidentally.

There’s a 1.08-inch colorful display screen available on the front side where the user can review the mod box configuration, settings, and other general information.

Both charging port and battery case comes with a flipping cover so the user can easily fuel his vape mod without any assistance.

It is basically a second and advanced version of the Geekvape Aegis Legend vape mod and it comes with enhanced features.

You can adjust the output wattage power between 5W to 200W in just a single click.

Also, it can be charged with a USB Type-C cable at max 12V input power for faster charging.

It is very small and light in weight so you can easily carry it in your pockets.

There are larger air slots for easy inflow and outflow of air are available on the top.

The entire device runs on a self-developed Geekvape Z Series Coil for best performance and power.


  • Built with shockproof technology and design.
  • The liquid tank is leakproof.
  • Comes with the Accidental Press Protection feature.
  • IP68 Rating Waterproof, Shockproof and Dustproof.
  • Big 1.08″ TFT color display panel on the front side.


  • Priced very high, since it does not come with the batteries.

9. Uwell Crown 4 200W TC Starter Kit

Uwell Crown 4 200W

Uwell Crown 4 Mod is equipped with a Uwell circuit board inside and comes with a crown 4 sub-ohm e-liquid tank starter kit.

It is built with 904-grade stainless steel and the bottom part with anti-slip silicone material for better durability and a premium look.

Even though this vape box mod costs only $70, you get a lot of features in it. The best feature of this vape box mod is a leak-resistant 510 connector.

So you can carry it in your pockets, bags, suitcase, etc. without worrying about the leakage.

Out of the box, you get a 6.0ml e-Liquid tank with the box mod that can be replaced with any other sub-ohm tank.

Not only it is a powerful mod with 200W maximum power output wattage but you also get a Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology to get the best flavor from the liquid.

Cleaning the mod is very easy too as it has got self-cleaning technology. Considering its price, this 200W box mod has got a lot to offer.

Its SS904L dual coil atomizer heads have got longer life span as compared to other atomizers.

The instant firing speed function starts the mod in less than a second so you can get started with it asap.

The company allows users to change parts of the mod box according to their needs themselves.


  • Patented self-cleaning technology.
  • No leakage tank.
  • Dual power coils with power output.
  • SS904L coil for better smoke and flavor.
  • Looks very stylish.


  • No USB Type-C charging feature.
  • Cannot be used as a power bank like other vape mod boxes.

10. Asvape ARYA 200W Box Mod

Asvape ARYA 200W Box Mod

Arya may not sound very interesting to some people but this vape box mod 200 watts from Asvape is among the cheapest 200 watts box mod available right now.

While it costs only $80 in the United States, you can find a lot of useful features in it.

There are 2 high-amp 18650 batteries available in it that give it the power boost required to get the best output.

The entire device is made from high-quality stainless steel and zinc-alloy material.

If you are looking for a 200W vape starter kit with a sub-ohm tank then you can consider buying this product.

It also has an advanced temperature control suite to adjust the temperature accordingly.

There are 4 different vaping modes and 6-types of protection settings available in it to give the best vaping experience to the user.

If you are new to sub-ohm vaping, then you must buy this product as it will help you in reaching new levels in vaping.

ASVAPE Arya 200W box mod looks very stylish too and it won’t feel like a vaping device at all.

Asvape has itself developed a vaping chipset named ReekBNox and this mod is powered with the same.

This 200-watt box mod is among the cheapest 200W box available that you can buy right now.

So, don’t wait and start your vaping journey with the Asvape Arya 200W box vape mod.


  • Dual 18650 batteries.
  • Customizable power output between 5W-200W.
  • 0.96-inch color screen to see vape’s information.
  • One of the cheapest vape box mods.
  • More than 5 types of protection settings.
  • Fast 1.2A USB Type-C charging facility.


  • There’s no variable voltage adjustment available.
  • Might not be sufficient for a professional.

Final Words

Many high-wattage mods can go up to 300-400W but according to us, having a 200W box mod kit is sufficient for professional and intermediate vapers.

We have mentioned only 200W box mod best products in this post, so do visit each of them to read about the latest features added to them and to know the current pricing.

We hope you have found the best high wattage box mods in this post and are satisfied with the products mentioned here.

As we said above, there are many other products similar to these available and if you have used or using any 200W box mod vape kit, then shower some information on us so we can include that too in this post.

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