How To Clean Your Vape Coil?【A to Z Guide】

Do you want to clean your vape coil because you noticed a performance drop? It’s easy and you can clean your vape coil and vape tank easily in just a few minutes.

In this guide, you’ll read the step-by-step process for vape coil cleaning and improve the performance of your vape mod drastically.

Why Should You Clean Your Vape Coil?

Clean your vape coil

The e-liquids filled in the vape tank contain Vegetable Glycerine (VG). It’s a vicious ingredient that leaves a thin film on your vape coil when vaporize.

Due to this thin layer formed on the vape coil or wick, it clogs your device. Hence, you notice a performance drop and you need to replace it after a week or two.

But, you can clean your vape coil easily to improve the performance and taste of vapors.

Also, it increases the life of your vape coil and minimizes the chance of overheating.

Here are the three reasons why you should clean your vape coil regularly:

  1. It increases the life of your vaping device.
  2. Your vape performance increases after cleaning the coil and wick.
  3. You’ll enjoy the real taste and flavor of your e-liquid.

How To Clean Your Vape Coil?

Cleaning your vape coil is unfortunately a tedious task. If you’re a beginner at vaping and don’t know how e-cigarettes work then it’s not easy for you.

But, you can clean your vape coil easily if follow the below-mentioned instructions.

Follow these steps to clean a vape coil or wick easily:

1. Remove Battery

Vape battery

The first step to begin with the cleaning process is- to remove the battery from your vape device.

2. Disassemble Components

Disassemble vape coil

The next step is- to remove the top and bottom components from your vape tank. After removing everything discard any e-liquid left in the tank.

Note– Please note where those components fit up otherwise you’ll face difficulty in assembling again. You can take photos or make videos of the whole process.

3. Remove Atomizer

Vape coil cleaning

Now, unscrew the atomizer from your mod and take it apart. Once you remove the atomizer, you’ll notice that the wick is yellowish or blackish.

4. Wash Your Coil

Vape coil cleaning 2

Now, take your coil to a hot running water tap and wash it for a few minutes. After washing it with hot water, wash with cold water until you see the color of the wick turns white.

5. Let it Dry

Vape coil cleaning process

Use tissue paper to wipe the water and leave it on an open and dry surface for a few hours. Make sure all the water vaporizes from the wick.

6. Assemble Again

Now assemble everything properly and fill the vape juice in the tank. You’ll notice the water taste for a few minutes.

After using it a few times, water vaporizes completely and you’ll experience the real taste of your e-liquid flavor.


If your vape coil turned black it means the coil is burnt and needs to be replaced. You can buy a new coil at any online vape store. If it’s not burnt, follow the above-mentioned steps to clean your vape coil.

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  1. I always struggle when it comes to cleaning vape coils. The methods which I have tried till now have not been great. I’m going to follow this guide and hope it works well. Thanks.


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