What is Sub Ohm Vaping? A to Z (Guide)

What is Sub-ohm Vaping

Everything is evolving in the vaping world, and the sub-ohm vaping community is not far behind. That’s why we can do cloud chasing and various vape tricks. Have you ever been fascinated by the massive thick cloud that some vapers do? Or the dragon-like plumes that others exhale? Maybe you were just curious about how … Read more

10 Ways To Stop Vape Coils From Burning

Stop Vape Coil From Burning

A long deep drag of your favorite flavor can release a whole day of office stress. But, sometimes, you won’t get a satisfying cloud of vapors. Instead, you’ll get a harsh throat hit that burns or the metallic flavor. This is especially common if you don’t maintain your vape coils. It’s called dry hits; you … Read more

8 Easy Methods To Fix Vape Gurgling Sound

Vape Spitting

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, but many people are new to the experience and may not know how to fix common issues like vape gurgling. This guide will explain what causes vape gurgling and how to fix it. Why is my Vape Gurgling? How To Fix There are a few common reasons … Read more