What is Chillum? (History and Uses) 【Everything Explained】

Weed is being smoked for quite a long time and it’s been thousands of years since humans are using marijuana for recreational purposes.

These days, you can find a lot of accessories to smoke weed but there were very limited options available for people who used to smoke weed thousands of years before.

The “Chillum” originated back then and according to reports, it originated in India where monks used this cylindrical pipe to smoke marijuana.

To date, a lot of people around the world are using chillum to smoke weed and if you are a marijuana smoker and haven’t used a chillum before, then you must try it at least once.

In this post, you can learn everything about chillums and know how far we have come with this amazing way of smoking weed.

While the origin of chillums is unclear, you can learn about their history and understand their proper functioning of it.

A simple search on the internet will get you a list of hundreds of items matching your search but most of them are designed to satisfy the look on the eyes and do not offer the actual experience you get from an original chillum.

So, read this post till the end to know about chillum so you can be sure of the product you are buying and use it properly to smoke weed without any issues.

Traditional Chillum Vs Modern Chillum

Clay Chillum
Traditional Clay Chillum

Back in the time, when people didn’t have access to various resources to create extraordinary things, the chillums were made entirely out of clay.

A small portion of the clay was rolled out into a cone shape while keeping the inside hollow.

The bottom was not very sharp but flattened to make the flow of smoke easier. A small stone was inserted into the chillum and that acted as a filter.

It would prevent the entire filling to come out from the rear end and the person could easily inhale from the end.

Glass Chillum
Modern Chillum

A lot of chillums made from stone, animal horns, metal, glass, and wood were also found that were made thousands of years before.

Right now, these same things are being used to make chillums and you can find chillums of other things as well.

Though we will recommend going with chillums made of clay or glass as they are the safest and best material to enjoy the weed.

A lot of fancy chillums are also available that come with psychiatric design and extra things attached to their body.

It completely depends on one’s choice to buy chillum that looks good to the eyes too.

A creator can go into his imaginary world when it comes to making a chillum, so there’s literally no end to the chillum designs but the working principle will remain the same in all of them.

What Is Chillum Used For?

Monk Smoking Chillum

Back in the time, chillums were used only by monks and sadhus in India who used to smoke cannabis and opium in these pipes.

This was not for enjoyment but they benefited from the high of weed for spiritual healing and meditation.

This is the modern society, that made different types of hashish and weed for recreational purposes and for enjoyment.

These days, you can find chillums made with different materials and of different designs.

While a lot of them are being used for the same purpose of smoking weed and cannabis, some of them are being used for consuming other drugs as well.

Though, a majority of the chillum users are using it with weed and hashish only.

What Is Chillum Made Of?

Glass Chillum Pipe

The chillum is entirely made of a single material and it can’t be a combination of multiple materials as a formation.

Generally, it is made of clay or soft stone because they are easy to shape.

There are some chillums made of animal bones/horns were found but they were made centuries before when there were fewer materials available.

Modernized chillums can be made of literally anything and can be used to serve the purpose of a chillum, pipe, bong, joint, etc. altogether.

We have seen some chillums made of pure brass available on the internet but that just simply kills the original experience of smoking cannabis or hashish in the chillum.

So, we recommend going with Chillum one made of clay or stone.

What Is Chillum Pipe?

Chillum Pipe

A chillum is a combination of two things, a pipe and a stone that acts as a filter. The Chillum Pipe refers to the actual pipe structure which is used to hold the contents (filling).

There are two ends in a chillum people, one end (the bigger one) is used to fill in the thing you want to smoke and the bottom part or other end is used to inhale the smoke.

A Chillum Pipe can be customized according to the needs and it comes in various shapes and sizes.

While according to experts the correct size of the chillum must be around 3-inches to 3.5-inches.

You can also find Chillum Pipes of more than 10-inches available out there but if you are a first-timer, then go with a smaller one.

What Is Chillum Stone?

Chillum Stone

Chillum Stone can either refer to the small pebble placed inside the chillum pipe while using it.

Or it can also refer to the material of which the entire chillum is made i.e., stone.

Traditionally, the chillum stone was made of the same material which the chillum pipe is made of but these days chillum can come with a built-in filter instead of a stone.

The chillum stone will hold the herbs in the upper part of the pipe and will not allow the ash or the filling to pass through it.

The left-out space between the chillum pipe and the stone will only let the smoke pass through it.

You can either get a chillum with the stone or build one yourself by cutting down the stone from the top and giving it a shape like a pebble.

How To Use Chillum For Smoking?

Using a chillum is literally no rocket science and anyone can get started with it without any assistance.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube available out there that tells you how to use a chillum and smoke using it.

If you want more help with it, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to fill your chillum pipe with herbs and smoke it.

  • First, grind the weed or tobacco and it is necessary because big chunks won’t fit in the chillum pipe.
  • Make sure the grinding is done to an extent and you don’t have to turn the filling into a power.
  • Place the chillum stone in the pipe and try inhaling from the bottom end to make sure the air is passing and not blocked.
  • Next, take the entire filling in the palm of one hand and fill the chillum pipe using the other hand.
  • Pack the entire chillum pipe from the stone area to the upper hole but make sure the filling is not too tight.
  • Now, fire the upper part (bigger) of the chillum and puff from the bottom (smaller) to charge the entire filling.
  • Once done, you can keep taking puffs from the bottom part and smoke it until the entire filling burns out.

How Does Smoking From Chillum Affect You?

Many new marijuana users doubt if using a chillum pipe will get them high. This accurately describes the one-hitter.

The suction in one-hitter types of chillums is direct and short. This transports the smoke straight to your lungs.

You can take the example of taking a shot of vodka instead of a beer to understand how it actually works.

When you smoke with a one-hitter, the problem is that the bowl is little, that is why you won’t experience the same high until you match the THC level of the herbs used in ONE filling of chillum.

People smoking chillum might feel higher than the one-hitters smokers because of less inflow of oxygen.

Though, there is no theory out there that proves smoking chillum gets you higher than smoking from pipes, bongs, or one-hitters.

FAQs Related To Chillum Smoking

Do Chillums Get You Higher?

Since there are different types of weed and herb smoking tools available out there, Chillums are the oldest among all.

Most other smoking tools have an advanced filter that controls the airflow of the entire device.

Unlike them, Chillum uses only a pebble and old technology that gives you harder hits of the herbs.

How To Ash A Chillum?

Once you are done smoking the herb-filled in your chillum, gently tap out the leftover ash from the chillum pipe.

Now, blow from the bottom hole to remove the excess ash that might be sticking to the pipe.

Now, use a soft cloth, Q-tip, or pipe cleaner to run through the pipe to clean resin, moisture, and tar that have built up.

How Many Hits Do You Get Off A Chillum?

As we already said above, a Chillum of normal size (3-inches to 3.5-inches) will give you about 5-6 puffs when the herbs are filled not too tightly.

A bigger Chillum will give more puffs and vice-versa. These days, you can also buy electronic Chillums that allow you to take one hit at a time and you can switch them on or off.

What Do People Smoke In Chillum?

Only dry herbs and smoking things can be used with chillum and not wet ones like dabs.

Chillums were and are still being used to smoke cannabis, opium, and other herbs.

You can also use it to smoke tobacco but it must be mixed with something.

You can try using it with other mixtures as well but do not use it with anything that involves wetness.

What Is The Difference Between A Chillum and One Hitter?

There’s no major difference between a chillum and a one-hitter but chillums are usually bigger in size.

One hitter work just like its name as it gives you only one hit at a time.

A chillum contains more filling than the one-hitter, so it can be used to have more than 5-6 puffs at once, depending on its size of it.

Final Words

So, this is all we wanted to share about chillum pipe and we hope you have found this post useful. You can either buy a chillum pipe online as there are many stores available that are selling this or visit a local vendor who works with sand sculptures to get one from him. You can also opt for customized chillum while buying it offline.

Many chillum online stores are available out there where you can find traditional as well as latest chillum designs. We recommend going with the basic one as it offers the best experience you can have with the weed and chillum combination. If you have more questions related to chill or have anything to add, do let us know about it.

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